Not A Good Start to 2012

I had all the best intentions for the year 2012. One of my resolutions was aiming to improve my dietary intake and my exercise output within my capabilities, fighting against the additional weight put on during 2011 as a side effect from specific medications. I had stocked the fridge full of healthy foods and my joggers were waiting by the front door. But my eagerness and best laid intentions just didn’t go according to plan!

It was time for my puppy’s, Dakoda, “pee walk”. We have a lovely roof top in the complex in which I live, which spans across an entire street block and is landscaped with pets in mind. The gardens are on two levels which is where the problem occurred. While walking my pup, we were heading towards the top-tier of the gardens and Dakoda decided he would not walk but run up the stairs to the top-level. I was not prepared for his new and developing independence, as normally Dakoda is the kind of pup who hides behind your legs the majority of the walk. He is happy to stop and interact with people but is a bit hesitant when interacting with other dogs. Maybe Dakoda’s NY resolution was to be more social and active but unfortunately he forgot to pass this information on to me. Well, for whatever the reason, Dakoda lurched upstairs rather quickly and caught me off guard. Needless to say, I fell up the stairs. Areas of my body immediately hurt but Dakoda was still moving towards the top level of the garden and as I was still attached to the end of his lead. We completed the walk and quickly limped back indoors. The pain escalated in various areas of my body but be the stubborn princess that I am 1. I didn’t want to spend the night in a lengthy queue at our local ER and 2. I didn’t want to spoil anyone elses evening by asking for help. I really didn’t think I had done any real damage and  also knew I had my own chemist of pain medications. All was going well up to about 11 pm so I took some additional medication and went to bed. I didn’t sleep at all that night and woke up in significant pain. Again I thought some pain medication and a hot shower should get this creaky old body up and moving. By midday I was feeling okay so decided to take Dakoda to the beach for a walk and a swim. We had a lovely time and stayed for a couple of hours before heading home.

We arrived home safely and I made the decision not to go out again to do dome groceries ( I struggled with this decision all the way home) Part of me was thinking that maybe I should go to the shops on the way home just in case the spasms and pain that I was experiencing did not subside. See I live alone and my closest family are living 2 hours away so I have learnt to be highly independent, which has its advantages & disadvantages. I unpacked all our beach equipment from the card and slowly moved to our apartment. I was certain that once I was able to get inside I could take some pain-killers and lay quietly, allowing my body to rest and recover that all would be okay. But this plan did not eventuate as smoothly as I had hoped. My front door, while I could get it unlocked had become jammed and I could not, no matter how hard I tried, push the door open. Mentally and physically this bought me to a standstill. I desperately needed the medication that was inside the apartment and although I would classify my self as suitably intelligent, my cognitive processes were being affected by the pain I was experiencing which was steadily but rapidly increasing. So, I did what all damsels in distress do, I laid down on the carpet, using my beach bag as a pillow and attempted to meditate to work out how I could ‘fix’ the problem at hand.

Thankfully, about 15 minutes later my neighbours arrived home. The husband swung into action in order to get the door open. I was no longer able to raise myself from the ground as the pain was now too intense. Mr Neighbour jmmied the door open and Mrs Neighbour quickly entered to get the required medication for my illness of Pudendal Neuralgia, which causes chronic pelvic pain with additional symptoms. The fall on the stairs had caused a major flare up. The medication was not effective and the protocol from here is fairly standard. An ambulance was called and they arrive and administer enough pain relief to be able to move me into the ambulance. Thankfully a friend of mine was able to quickly come over and puppy -sit Dakoda.

So the start of my New Year didn’t go exactly to plan. But, as usual the medical team caring for me were outstanding and kept administering morphine and diazepam throughout the evening until the pain had reached a more manageable state. The fall had caused more damage than I had realised or acknowledged. This however, is not going to affect my New Year’s resolutions, instead they will just have to wait to begin when my body is being a little more cooperative and in a less stressed state 🙂

Have you made any New Year resolutions? What is you plan for achieving these resolutions? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂


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