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Good-Bye to 2011


Well the year is coming to an end here in Sydney, Australia. It is now 5.30 pm the party-goers have been camped out under and around Sydney Harbour since early in the afternoon yesterday. The clouds have come and gone and fortunately the sun is now shining as the crowds continue to grow.

This will be my first year where I will be spending New Year’s Eve alone. My body is broken and as a result I have withdrawn somewhat from the world. Depression at present is my shadow, a shadow with which I fight daily, perhaps this is why I feel much better at night and more fearful during the day. In the daytime we are meant to be out working in our profession, socializing, going to the beach, the malls or visiting with friends. All things that I just want to run in the other direction from. I do not feel like putting on my smiley face and my Chronic Pain is an invisible illness, so on the outside I can look fine, when on the inside areas of my pelvis can brewing a searing fire of heat and sharp barbed wire.
And so I want to say goodbye to 2011 as a cure was not found for Pudendal Neuralgai during this year. Now a new year has begun and I’m attending a Tibetan Healing Course, working on bringing peace to my mind and attempting to take the focus off my medical condition. I will remain diligent in seeking a cure for this debilitating disease and trialling any new options. I also aim to leave my depression shadow planted on a lawn bench so that I can just get on with life. I have so much to be grateful for and will begin a photographic journal posting the blessings that come my way in 2012.

Health & Happiness

Narelle Jane


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