Inspirational Holiday…

Just a quick hello to update a post that I had started while on holidays but really got into the swing of have most technology lay idle while on holidays. My wonderful son 24yrs and beautiful daughter aged 27yrs organized for us to stay in a beachside holiday house during the Xmas break. The house was situated a street away from the ocean and a sea breeze constantly meandered through the open windows.

Days were spent sleeping in, having breakfasts of fruit salad and croissants and generally recharging the batteries after what had been a very long year. The 1 1/2 drive had to be broken into 30 minute time-slots in order to reduce a flare up of my condition, Pudendal Neuralgia. We spent time catching up with family and loved ones and more lazing around the house. The kids spent time with their friends and frolicking in the house spa till the early hours of the morning. I cancelled my plans to catch up with friends and at the time I was unsure I was making the right decision. On reflection, I wanted to really be around the children as they came and went, they both live and work in separate states. Also, my depression shadow was still close by, and I had run out of strength to maintain my smiley face & didn’t want others noticing this. I was trying to utilize the calm & peacefulness of the environment to gather strength so that I would be ready and strong enough to face the new year.

Sometimes life’s simple pleasures in life, and for me this is definitely the ocean, can be enough to re-ignite the flame within, assisting in seeing life you through the darker days. I am extremely grateful for family and loved ones and find myself with a renewed sense of rigour.



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