Chronic Pain As A Profession

My Journey 2012

Here we are, another year is off and running! I am full of hope and even some ambition with excitement pondering on what the New Year may hold. My instincts tell that this year, for a variety of reasons is going to be much better than the last few.

I am waiting patiently to see how the New Year is going to unfold and what exciting new adventures lay in waiting. As my career has as a necessity had to wind down over the last few years I hope strong hope and faith that this year will expose the new direction that I will be heading. Over 15 years ago I wrote a presentation on the Journey of Spirituality. At the time I believed that we were leading a predetermined route, similar to the beginning and ending of a journey. I find myself pondering how this assignment has prepared me for my current situation.

There are always a variety of factors that will affect how we arrive to our final destination, whether it be based on faith, fate or pure chance. As a Chronic Pain sufferer I now find myself questioning my journey and wondering exactly where my final destination is? I think if I can work this out, it may help me map out the route that I will need to take and focus on what I need to do, or not do, in order to arrive at my final destination safely and intact.

When planning for any journey I imagine that the following factors will need to be considered:

  • What will I need in order to get to my final destination E.g. determination, physical strength and wellbeing, faith, a strong mind through meditation and studying what is best for my condition?
  • Nutrition to keep a healthy body, nurturing and feeding the above aspects
  • A road map; planning the best route?
  • Alternative Strategies? E.g. when I hit a speed hump or detour along my journey E.g. hospitalization, stronger medications, lethargy, pain flare up, pacing, exercising?
  • What help will I seek if I get lost? E.g. Pain Clinic Team, Pain Psychologist, family & friends, online support community, faith?
  • How much will my journey cost? E.g. Physical wellness, Emotional wellness, Social wellness, Intellectual stimulation, family, friends, career?

I am certain that I may have missed some significant factors that will assist in this journey, but it is a journey that I have finally acknowledged and accepted needs all considerations. I encourage you to think about your current journey with illness or chronic pain and leave any comments that you believe will assist others.

Health & Happiness

Narelle Jane


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