My 30 Day Challenge

Best of luck and I look forward to hear about your progress

One man, 30 lbs, 30 days

I’m Paul and I’m setting myself a challenge; to lose 30lb in 30 days. While this would generally be seen as unrealistic, I’m off work for the next month and want to do something productive with my time. So from Monday 23rd January weight loss will be my job!

I currently weigh 15st 2lb (212 lb), and I want to get back to my comfortable weight of 13st (182 lb). I’ve put on the extra 30lb over the past two years through a mixture of injury and laziness. Originally, I had a severe ankle sprain which needed significant physiotherapy. During this time I got out of the habit of training and the rest is history.

Despite my excess weight I’m still quite an active person. Over the next month I intend to increase my activity while maintaining a strict healthy eating plan. My plan is to train for up to 3 hours…

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