I have Chronic Pain:—–I do not Suffer!!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out

My pain receives as little recognition as possible.  My pain does not harbor harmful emotions or intent towards me.  Pain is faceless, odorless and invisible like the wind.

Science can not gauge its severity yet.  Others can not feel our pain or care about our plight.  Pain is just a warning signal(body mechanism) to protect us.
I go for power walks where my pain is aroused to the point, where my body wants to stop, then I go another twenty minutes.  This has many benefits physically and mentally.  My pain does not stop me from moving my legs and walking through it mindfully.
My own endorphins have helped kill the pain, also.  My own body is learning to accept and adjust to this stress on its own.  My ego knows pain does not stop me from exercising,  so later it does not stop me from enjoying other…

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1 thought on “I have Chronic Pain:—–I do not Suffer!!!!!”

  1. Pain is just a body mechanism, it does not have emotions, shape, or intentions.

    It is not evil, good or bad, it is like starting the car. It is not scary if investigated without the ego or the cognitive side if the brain.

    try taking your pain for a walk. bring it out and let the story of pain go as you place all your focus in the middle of your pain.

    feel the pain as electrical sensations emit signals to our mind. Wecan compress our pain with aerobic exercise and mindfulness.

    Give pain as little attention as possible. Give pain no power with our words.


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