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Foggy Brain = Blonde Moment


I won’t have much to say today as my body has been in recovery mode since being electrocuted last Saturday. My feelings of disbelief and gratitude are slowly coming to the forefront now that the shock of the events of that day are waring off.

It is a well known fact that foggy brain often accompanies some chronic illnesses and indeed chronic pain. One medication I take in particular, has the ability to determine at what times of the day I do and do not function well on an intellectual level. A very good example of this can sometimes come through in my writing and often in my speech. Previous to illness I was able to maintain an average of Distinction/ High Distinction in University assessments. Now I can sometimes struggle to remember the spelling of the simplest of words or compose readable sentence structure. Finding the positive message here is “thank goodness” for spell/ grammar software checks on the computer 🙂 Also the alternative medication to this particular medication caused a serious side effect of weight gain. It is understandable for others to say weight gain should not be of significance if the medication is required, but seriously, it is an expensive process to keep buying new clothes as you cannot fit into last months clothes. So here I am, accepting of my foggy brain now I know the alternatives.

I had been in serious fatigue mode for a few days from my illness and overdoing the simplest of life’s activities. Not one to ask for help (which I am trying to improve) I had contacted my Mum & Daughter to see if either could come visit as I needed some help. Both were busy. So I decided to try to “snap” myself out of my mood and bake some muffins. Everything went smoothly, I put the muffin batter in the preheated oven and then went to turn on the timer on the oven. The timer had to be reset as there had been a blackout last week. One of the buttons was missing & i went about trying to improvise in order to get the timer working. In an extremely blonde moment ( I am blonde so I can blame it on the hair instead of the foggy brain) I thought that a paper clip might work, a METAL paper clip!!! Need I say more. The electric shock went up both arms, and i was thrown backwards, landing hard on my tailbone. Took me three attempts to dial an Ambulance, cute Ambo guys, hospital, ECG to ensure my heart hadn’t been damaged, pain killers and the last two days feeling extremely lethargic with various pains and tell tale paper clip marks on my fingers. Thankfully I was wearing very thick rubber soled ugg boots.

I’m taking time to now read other bloggers posts which I’m totally enjoying, and if I do write over the next few days please excuse any errors.

Health & Happiness 🙂

P.s.- this last experience has taught me to start focusing on a bucket list. I almost feel as if someone out there is trying to tell me something. I feel like a cat with nine lives, I promise to never take my health or life for granted, instead I’m going to work even harder at making the most of life within my limitations.



4 thoughts on “Foggy Brain = Blonde Moment”

  1. Wowza! That’s scary! My boss electrocuted himself one day at work. I walked into the studio to find him on the ground, an INDUSTRIAL POWER SURGE PROTECTOR at his side. Very scary! Glad to hear you’re alright though, and don’t go doing things like that again!

    I can totally relate to the foggy brain stuff. I had a muffin incident as well, though not nearly as exciting, this week. I had all the ingredients out, made the muffins, and baked them. When they were done, they were just falling apart and they were not very muffiny. That’s when I spoted the two eggs on the counter….that never made it to the muffin mix. Oy!

    I can also relate to the clothes situation a bit. My meds are making me loose weight. I’ve had to invest in a few belts. Luckily, I’ve been starving lately and I’m allllmost back to my healthy weight. But it’s not a fun road!

    Get some good rest, friend, and do try to enjoy it. I find it hard to enjoy the “down time” but do you’re best. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your well wishes. I am certainly developing many habits based around routine in order to develop ways of not losing items, forgetting appointments etc. As a ‘retired perfectionist’ it has been a somewhat frustrating learning curve, but have actually learnt to laugh at my mishaps, well the not so dangerous mishaps of course 🙂

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