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Everything Happens For A Reason….


For those of my readers who read my previous blog, Foggy Brain = Blonde Moment, I am pleased to say that I have woken this morning feeling much better than the last few days following my fight with the paperclip and oven timer. I lost and was thrown across the room by one hefty electric shock. I think I had a little delayed shock yesterday after I realized how serious this accident could have been, being electrocuted is no joking matter. I’m feeling much better physically with less aches today. Having to rest the last couple of days, yes more rest, that word conjures unhappy emotions for me, has given me time to think about the formation of a Bucket List. Being a visual learner I have started cutting out words, graphics etc to include in my vision book.

This list will act as a record for short term and long time goals. I cannot wait to get started. Have a smiley day dear bloggers !!!



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