Hi Adina, thank you for sharing a very uplifting experience. Health & Happiness to you! Narelle

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I like to think that I’m quite a nice person. I recycle when I can, offer my seat to the elderly on public transport, donate to charity when possible, hold doors open for people, say my pleases and thank yous, and avoid farting in elevators. I’d also like to think that a good percentage of the population are of a similarly agreeable persuasion. But how much of such pleasant behaviour is shaped by good upbringing, social pressure and plain old guilt as apposed to the true goodness of our hearts? Are people really kind in general, or are we just behaving in the way we think is expected of us?

Every now and then however, one comes across someone who goes above and beyond these norms. Instead of just being an ordinarily respectable person, they will regularly go out of their way to selflessly help others (strangers and loved ones…

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