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Blogger Award!

I have received this award from My View From My Couch – Inspired by the Sisterhood Of Travelling Pants, this is an award for female bloggers to encourage the spirit of sisterhood.


Thank you to the Couched Fibro Mum for nominating me 🙂

Here are the rules:

Thank the giver.
Post 7 things about yourself.
Pass on the award to 7 other bloggers and inform them that they have been nominated.
Include the logo of the award on a post or in your blog!

Seven Things About Me: –

1. My proudest achievement in my life is being the mother of two amazing children who have grown into wonderful adults.
2. I am happiest when swimming in the ocean, pool or even a bathtub. I guess being in water generally.
3. I adore my puppy, Dakoda. He is a Maltese/Shitzu and has an amazing ability to sense my pain levels. He will sit on the lounge and bark until I lay down to rest, at which time he will snuggle up to me when the pain is at its worst. True fact!
4. I sincerely miss my profession of teaching. Maybe one day a cure will be found for my illness.
5. I’m learning to live life in a totally new way. I’m still learning to fill my daily and night hours without over doing it. I’m learning to “Stop & smell the roses”!
6. I am enjoying rediscovering cooking. I’m trying to remember all that my Grandmother taught me as I child. Miss you dearly, Gramma xx
7. I am so very grateful for the amazing friends and family that I have been blessed with.

Seven Deserving Blogs: –

Lady Barefoot Baroness
Bucket Blog
Life Is…..
The Bliss Project
The Spontaneous Vibe

I have found it difficult to select only 7 favorite bloggers as there are so many amazing bloggers globally. Thank you to the bloggers that I have selected, each of you in your own individual way, have posted inspiring, humorous and creative articles. Health & Happiness 🙂


5 thoughts on “Blogger Award!”

  1. Ahh Narelle I am still smiling. Wha a wonderful and great idea for an award. Most awards I have no clue how thy originated. But now I have this one you have gifted me which I can repeat it’s founder’s dream or idea of theme, and I have one more that I know why it was founded.

    Thank you so very much kind lady, I will get to accepting on my blog and following through with the requirments of acceptance. It may take me a couple of days depending on how long I can type at one tme. This has been one of my bears to carry is that my arms and shoulders are being affected by my neck. Never fear though It will appear.

    Please take care and don’t forget to use your Spoons from The Spoon Theory to dole out your day and nights.
    I love that you acknoledge that your kids are your finest hour. I say the same thing about mine.
    Be Blessed and full of smiles ~ BB

    1. Such a perfect place to be . Me too. Thanks again for the award. I am so sorry it took me abit. I am working on three blogs, One as a guest author, one my Bareoness blog, & 3rd Bring Them Home. Loving every minute of an excuse to write.
      Thanks again my lovely friend for the award. I like it.

      Take care sweetie ~ BB

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