The Last Few Days

This image expresses me so deeply as do your words. Is it ok to use this image in the future on my blog?

My View From The Sofa

The Fibro monster doesnt seem to want to give me a break. This weekend has been the worst in a while. Especially today. I have found it impossible to sleep at night, but then impossible to wake up during the day! My days have been pretty messed up. I have been doing alot of crochet but my camera is out of battery and I can’t find the charger. I have alot to catch up on.

So tomorrow my mum is taking me and my family to either the beach or the zoo. I know my son will love it but I’m finding it hard to get excited about at the moment. I don’t want to ruin the day for everyone else by having to sit down every 10 minutes or just complaining all day. If I feel like I do today I think that I’m not going to enjoy it…

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