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Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth


The following photo was taken by my son in corner of my apartment. I have recently started learning about the benefits of Buddhist Meditation in healing. Meditation has provided me with an opportunity to experience growth in my personal world and brings me much comfort in addition to a sense of calmness & well-being. The blue/turquoise lotus flower is a colour that I find extremely soothing and I have numerous trinkets in this colour surrounding me in my everyday living space.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth”

  1. This is exactly what I am doing too. I was introduced to mindfulness a long time ago but never took much interest in it – I can’t have been ready – but since I went on a Breathworks Mindfulness course last year and even more particularly since I read Toni Bernhard’s book recently “How to Be Sick” I am definitely ready now.

    This photo is amazing! 🙂

    Christine 🙂 x

  2. I admire people who find comfort in meditation. I find sitting in the quiet alone usually results in a personal unraveling as I face the word “incurable.”

    I’m not quite strong enough to face the silence yet.

    1. The silence can be confronting, but sitting in silence as you do is already very much like meditation. Going to a meditation centre is abit like choosing whether or not we go to a gym to exercise. Some of us can exercise at home without needing instruction, while others need someone there to guide us through the exercising process. Going to meditation class is my mind gym 🙂

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