Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

An interesting article on Compassion & empathy by Beyond Meds.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

What is talked about in these three videos has many implications for all sorts of trauma and for both individuals and oppressed populations in general all over the world. When we start understanding people’s pain and suffering from this perspective compassion and empathy for all sorts of things we might not have understood becomes possible. Compassion and empathy can heal us all.

Dr. Solanto discusses what trauma is, how the experiences of colonization “qualify” as trauma, how trauma might be transmitted across the generations, crime and other social problems as understandable responses to trauma and implications for healing individuals, families and communities.

This man seems to suggest the spiritual is separate from the body at one point. I want to say it’s completely intertwined…the spiritual and the body both need be addressed and healed together. I may have misunderstood his distinction but want to underscore that these…

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