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From Mundane to Meaningful

Before discussing how one might view a ‘life’ that can move from being mundane to meaningful it is imperative that the definition of both words be understood.

According to the words mundane and meaningful are defined as follows:

mun·dane – adjective
1. of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven; worldly; earthly: mundane affairs.
2. common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.
3. of or pertaining to the world, universe, or earth


full of meaning, significance, purpose, or value; purposeful; significant: a meaningful wink; a meaningful choice.

For the purpose of this post I am hoping to aspire to finding solutions that can bring about a life that can progress from being mundane, or ordinary and unimaginative, to a life filled with intention, purpose and meaningful

For followers of my blog Chronic Pain Survivor I envisage that it is understood that the main undertone of my writing is that while living with a chronic illness I try to find the positives in life. I’m consistently seeking a situation where I can progress from what has become an extremely mundane existence to finding purpose, direction and reasons that inspire me towards creating a life that is meaningful and full of inspiration. I am sincerely optimistic that this is achievable.

Currently I spend most days consistently scheduling my day around medications, sleep and completing any chores that are achievable. Without going into medical details, I live with chronic pain that worsens with activity, sitting, and with pain becoming worse as the day goes on. Nighttime is not my favourite time of the day to say the least. This cycle has definitely creating a life that I feel is mundane, very much removed from my ‘past life‘. I was a teacher of Gifted students and Adults studying to become Teacher Assistants. Work is no longer an option. My hobby in life which I enjoyed even more than my teaching was the acquisition of knowledge. I have been fortunate to be awarded several University Scholarships and basically have completed one course after another. I really love learning, a passion that I always tried to convey to my students. This at present has also be ‘taken’ away from me. Medication dictates alot of when I can be fully present and when I am in ‘fairyland’. My memory at certain times can also be severely impacted. I very rarely remember what I have written about on my blog and often have to refer back to it when replying to comments from my cyberspace family. It is just after 1pm as I am writing now and I have begun to work out when medications impact the most. It is an exciting feeling knowing that I have come to an awareness of the impacts of certain medicines at given times allowing some control over my brain by making the most of the times between the impact of the medications. But in order to change life from being mundane to becoming a life filled with exuberance and purpose, it takes effort, planning and will power, of which, (on most days) I have in abundance.

As most sufferers of chronic illness will attest to, one of most difficult side effects of any illness can be the overwhelming feeling of isolation. How can this not perpetuate a life that is mundane? My solution to date, the internet!! While my family and friends offer endless support, they cannot always be present, I hold firmly to living an independent life, this has always rated highly on my priority list. The internet however, provides support, comfort, inspiration,explanations, humour and understanding from what we now term our cyberspace family. In many ways, the internet provides a link to the outside world, a world where our voices are heard, a world where we can laugh with each other over the amazingly silly things we do due to Foggy Brain caused by medications, the illness, or just associated fatigue in general. Support is provided to those having a bad day and needing for someone to understand, the internet provides that connection. For myself, over the last month, I have not only begun to post more of my thoughts, but in wanting to move from the mundane existence to life more meaningful, I find myself reading and seeking new found interests. For the first time in several years, I am coming to an acceptance of my illness and reaching out, searching for, and creating life that is out there just waiting for me. I am working hard at moving from the mundane life that I have been living, under the cover of depression, and trying to view this time in my life as a time where I can create a life, from scratch, under my terms. The mundane existence of going to work, coming home, completing household chores, working late into the night on lesson plans or univerity essays, and repeating this the next day, and the next day, no longer exists. Whike to date I have been grieving over the loss of this life, I need to view life through a different perspective. Within my medical limitations, I am blessed and fortunate enought to create this new, exciting and meaningul existence.

My new, and meaningful, existence as I envisage it, is a life of balance. My goals to achieve this are attending meditation class on a more consistent basis, bringing activities into my life wihich require creativity (again the internet is providing great inspiration), attempting to be able to spend more time with loved ones, creating a life that is less cluttered and more simplified, and most importantingly enjoying and living in the present moment. I am sure this list will grow and as such will also assist in lifting the depression that is so often associated with chronic illness. But I am now focused on leaving my mundane existence and moving towards a more purposeful and meaningful life.

If you have any suggestions of ideas that will assist in bringing my state of living back to being more meaningful please leave me a post. Also a huge thank you to all who post their ideas on crafts, budgeting, photography, DYI and other ideas online. Your time in posting your knowledge continues to make my life more meaningful and also gives me a SMILEY HEART.

Health & Happiness….


9 thoughts on “From Mundane to Meaningful”

  1. my meditation/mimdfulness practice along with an aggressive power walking regimen using my own endorphins has helped tremendously. being a former professional athlete, let me use my discipline to condense my pain.

    Starts with not fearing pain but seeing it as neutral an emotion like anger or joy.

    pain can nothing you unless it reaches a high level. I try to give my pain no attention. yes, I acknowledge it is there and go about my day.

    My activities have changed but my life is full and I am happy to get up each day.

    When the pain fares its head, go sit down and let the story of pain go. Go to the pain with the focus on the breath and be with it. drop the tension and protective tenseness and let go. Experince your pain without the ego and get to know it intimately. it can serve you, really.

    pain is a small part of my thoughts now. it is there but does not control me.

    1. Hi Marty, I really appreciate your words of wisdom and experience. I am beginning to work towards to point exactly that you are talking about. Facing the pain, viewing it with acceptance etc. I am so thankful that you have taken the time to reply. I am going to print your advice and put int on my fridge for motivation. Health & Happiness.

      1. It takes small actions like this to improve a little each day.

        Remember pain is neutral towards us, it has no bad intentions.

        Try to acknowledge the pain, then le go of the thought, give it as Little time in our consciousness as possible. See if this does not help some.

  2. Love this! Many adults sneer at the idea of the internet being a social connection and support base, but without it I don’t know what I’d do! Yes, my family and friends are wonderful, but they are not sick. Through the internet, I’ve been able to find people in the same boat, who know what it’s really like, and know how to talk about it and be a comfort. My family, bless their hearts, do try to be supportive, but being strong, healthy people, they just don’t always know how.

    Love the internet!

  3. I can imagine the difficulty you have been through, but foremost, I admire the strength of character, creativity and will power that you have. You are a very strong and accomplished woman of your time and you will certainly inspire a lot of people especially those who are similarly situated.

    If I may suggest, however, you may include prayers in your meditating time. Prayer is the most powerful medicine and the most consoling human act of communing with his Creator.

    I wish you good luck and please be assured that you will always be in my prayers.

    1. Thank you for your words of support. I try to always write from the heart and find this process also assists me to think about the positives in my life and what it is that i want to achieve in my future.

      Health & Happiness

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