A wonderful poem written by Living with PSArthritis about the Colour of Pain…

Living with Psoriatic Arthritis

I find the numerical pain scale limiting.  I don’t like numbers much anyways and I am an artist, so my pain scale is a rainbow.

Blue is very little to no pain, when I am blue I know I can go on a short hike, I can plan something for around dinner time and I might not have to cancel before then, I can even get in the car and go visit a friend an hour away.

Green is constant discomfort, with all shades of green I can smile, and focus on the positive, and ignore the pain,

Yellow can be bordering on physically miserable, but still perfectly functional, if I am yellow I will keep dinner plans, I can have coffee on impulse with a friend, I can sell ice cream at my son’s school, I can cover a class for a coworker in need.

Any color of orange…

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