Helpful things to say to someone who’s sick by brilliant blogger Andrew

Helpful things to say to someone who's sick.


6 thoughts on “Helpful things to say to someone who’s sick by brilliant blogger Andrew”

  1. Pleased that you found this helpful. Only other point I would add is we have to cut each other some slack for the inevitable small mistakes we all make.

  2. Pleased that this made a contribution. I thought it was one of the better takes at this. The only point I would add is the need for acceptance and forgiveness as we all make a few mistakes along the way.

    1. I totally agree. Coming to a place of acceptance has been a very slow journey for me. Having been a person who set goals and high expectations for myself I preferred to go against what my body really needed. Loved by the motto, “No pain, no gain”. But unfortunately my body was just not up to it 🙂

  3. This post and the contents of Andrews blog are a breath of much needed fresh air,

    It only takes a few seconds to gather appropriate words together before speaking but people just don’t think. They are not trying to be mean or malicious, they just don’t think and that non thinking can cause so much extra pain that is just not needed.

    Thank you for this

    Christine xx

    1. Hi Christine, I felt exactly the same when I read it too! Sometimes I feel ‘guilty’ as I don’t look as if I am sick or in serious pain. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous. It makes facing the outside world all too hard some days. It is so comforting to talk with others who understand as we both know that we are not wallowing in misery, just stating how it is. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

      Health & Happiness

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