The Fibromyalgia Cycle by blogger Fighting Fibromyalgia

Fighting Fibromyalgia

This is one of the best graphic representations of the fibromyalgia cycle I’ve ever seen, so I had to share.  Based on my own personal fibromyalgia symptoms, I would make a few changes though, if this were my drawing.  I would change fatigue to Fatigue/Poor Sleep.  Sleep is key for fibromyalgia sufferers.  I need a minimum of 8 hours a night.  I don’t always get that, but I do my best to come close.  Even if I do get 8 hours, its usually not a full 8 hours of good, restful sleep.  Our bodies need a chance to recharge and get a break from the havoc our brain’s screwed up pain signal wiring causes.  Sleep gives us this necessary break.  Without sleep, we are fatigued and our pain is worse.

I’d also change limited activity to Limited or Too Much activity.  Too little exercise or activity can increase our pain…

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