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A Life Lost Far Too Young…


It has been a very long week with news that a past student, aged only 23 years old, passed away last weekend. I had the privilege of teaching this amazing young man in his very first year of school and several times there after. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones and also to his previous classmates who may be experiencing the loss of a fellow ‘Mate’. It was a past student, one his best friends in Kindergarten that contacted me with the news. She and her fellow classmates have organised a class gathering in memory of their friend. I feel incredibly privileged to have been asked to join them. I have not seen these children since they left school in Year 6, as I left the school the following year which is now more than eight years ago.

My students do not know of my illness and I am working at ‘pacing’ in order to make the two hour journey tomorrow. Fortunately my mother still lives in the area and I will break the travelling up by resting at her place in the afternoon. It all takes so much organizing and I have received notification a few hours ago that the funeral will be held next Monday. One of my students has asked if I will accompany her and hold her hand? I have let her know that I will be there but she may need to hold my hand too. No parent should have to bury their child and it’s doubly sad for his classmates who will all gather in his memory.

R.I.P Tom, you will be sadly missed, may you always have a ‘sparkly heart’ and be at peace.



3 thoughts on “A Life Lost Far Too Young…”

  1. I remember how we flocked to our past teachers when we lost a schoolmate a couple of years ago. We were all in college already, but at the funeral we leaned on our teachers’ shoulders and cried like schoolchildren again. Teachers are such a blessing, and I don’t think many look at funerals as a part of their job description, but the best teachers are the ones that hold their students while they cry, no matter how long ago they graduated. ❤ Thanks for being there for them, I know it's going to mean the world to them.

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