Forgiveness: What In The World Does That Mean?

Enlightening words!!

Forgiveness is perhaps one the most abstract, profound, and confusing concepts in the human experience.  There are conflicting ideas about forgiveness that bombard us throughout our lifetimes.  One tenant that is probably the one I have heard most is, “you need to forgive in order to be free and move on.”  Other people told me to use my experiences and the latent anger, hurt, or resentment as a motivator to accomplish my goals and supersede the lowly existence those whom trespassed against me believed I constituted.  These conflicting messages puzzled me and I simply decided, “Who needs forgiveness!  Not me!”

Forgiveness Shall Set You Free

“You mean you want me to forgive all those people, who did all those horrible things to me, and just say it’s ok?!”  This was my reaction as a teenager and through my early twenties.  As a child, forgiveness was like breathing.  I forgave everyone…

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1 thought on “Forgiveness: What In The World Does That Mean?”

  1. Forgiveness is a tricky beast I would agree, it takes a great deal of personal strength to forgive no matter how one chooses to forgive. Thanks for sharing.

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