How to Date When You’re Sick

I have found it impossible to date with Chronic Illness but love the way it has been described here on this post BY Do I Look Sick

Do I Look Sick?

“Invisible illness” is a term that covers a very, very, VERY broad range of illness, pain, and life interference. Where one invisibly ill person’s “bad day” is feeling sore and abstaining from physical activity, another person’s may be a trip to the ER. It is impossible to write any sort of guide on how to be the significant other, or “dish,” to a chronically ill individual, or “spoon.”

So dishes, remember that your spoon is a unique individual with special needs that can NOT be found on the internet! It will take years, perhaps a lifetime of talking openly and honestly to build up your manual on “How To Love Your Spoon.”

And spoons, you are truly a beautiful and unique snowflake, and the ideas I outline here may not work for you. Or maybe only one of them will work for you. Or maybe all of them. I excitedly…

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