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This Spoonie not up to blogging…

Thank you to all fellow bloggers for sharing your inspirational posts. As a spoonie who has spent more spoons then available over the last few days, my body has provided strong indicators that it’s time to rest so as to refill the spoonie bank (cutlery) account. Your posts provide me with a connection to reality. Thank you ❤



3 thoughts on “This Spoonie not up to blogging…”

  1. Hello Narelle~
    This is such abeautiful post and I wanted to say thank yoy so much,

    You could not know this but you so remind me where I was about 15 yrs ago, meeting our community and feeling part of it. I think this is an important step in to finding ways to live a pain less day but also to have that aresenal of coping skills. And for me a lot of the things .. no..all the things I have learnt came from other fibro-folk like you.

    Take care ~ BB

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