Mutual Support Group – ChronicPain

Attention chronic pain sufferers…

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Chronic Relief – Mutual Support Group

Please visit, and sign up to!, our interactive website 🙂

We’ve created somewhere for people who suffer with Chronic Pain to meet and discuss with others just like themselves! 🙂 Members can create profiles, post updates, articles, create forum groups/topics & discuss with others who understand and support each other to create such a strong community.

All posts, updates, articles etc.. can then be shared to twitter, facebook, google+ & by e-mail! 🙂

This website is a really great place to meet others, discuss, share, help others, see how they can help you and see what everyone can do together!

Let’s make our lives about more than just being in pain & let’s do this together on the Chronic Relief website

Thank you for reading, we look forward to seeing you all on the website 🙂 🙂

Twitter – @chronic_relief

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