Break on Through to the Other Side –

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Break Through Pain ~ A discussion.
Intelligent, compassionate & Credible Information concerning Break Through Pain. I know from personal experience that if there is any hope for chronic pain to be managed adequately break through has to be addressed immediately for good pain management. It can be done, I am here to tell you all it can be done. A lot of team work is involved and a commitment from all involved. Ironically , or maybe not, Dr Christina’smethods and treatment modalities mirror that of  my two physicians and pharmacist who developed my treatment, and then, customized for me.
WE are not the same and our pain is not the same and if you are with a doctor who treats all hs or her patients the same way, I say, Run, Run!  ~ Baroness
If you or someone you love copes & thrives with Chronic Pain this a most valuable post from Dr Christina Lasich MD
By Christina Lasich, MD, Health ProTuesday, August…

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