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Let My Bucket List Begin, From Sydney Harbour,Australia

I have taken to compiling a bucket list of late, as I attempt to find focus in my life, following medical enforced retirement. The list not only is inspiring positive emotions and experiences to be looked forward to, but it is also giving me reason to budget and watch every penny spent. This in turn has created the need for a further list, as a result of budgeting, and includes extra outings such as going to the local library to borrow books (instead of buying them), eating lunch before wandering the city when up to it and scouring local websites for free activities and festivals. One of the main reasons I have for remaining living in the city and not returning to my smaller home town, following the diagnosis of my illness, is that I thrive on the constant activity within Sydney and the stimulation that it provides me.

I can now say that I have ticked off the first item on my bucket list, Whale Watching!! On the weekend my son and I boarded a boat with much anticipation. We are both massive lovers of the ocean and just being on board provided a sense of familiarity and comfort. My son used the time to improve his photographic skills throughout the 4 hour journey, with focus placed on Sydney Harbour as we headed out way out to deeper waters. Meanwhile I sought out a suitable place to sit on the boat. As the swell began to grow the further out to sea that we cruised, I quickly realized that sitting down could be fraught with danger to my already fragile spine, so I elected to stand for the entire trip which proved a much better, but exhausting, decision. I played my favourite music via an iPod adding to my enjoyment, as I rocked in time with the ocean swell.

We both agreed that we had an absolutely “AWESOME” time and appreciated the opportunity to share this afternoon together working through my bucket list.






7 thoughts on “Let My Bucket List Begin, From Sydney Harbour,Australia”

  1. Hello old friend, I was thinking about you today realizing I had not seen an alert for a post from you in some time. When I came by to say hello I realize now it has been a year since you posted. I am not going to pry, and doubt you will find this, but in case you do please know you are missed and loved by this community.

    1. Hello Lovely Lady,
      Yes I have been missing for over a year as I had to take time out to let everything sink in, face reality I guess you could say. I researched in ernest during this time in order to try to find a cure. But with help I have now reached a somewhat “place of acceptance”. It has been a huge learning curve.
      Writing is indeed a passion for me, but as with most illnesses, somethings go by the wayside as you attempt to cling to your past life. As a dear friend stated recently, life now as it is, is your ‘new normal’.
      Thank you for your thoughts dear Baroness. This community really was my lifeline.

      Health & happiness

  2. What an absokutely inspiring post! Thank you for sharing.This is what I love to read here at WP, Uplifting words taht tell my soul get up girlfriend.

    I needed this today too, just moving so ever loving sloww.
    Great choice to stand, think if you had not you would not be standing today. you rock my friend!

  3. Love the photos! I think this is a great idea. I haven’t started a bucket list exactly, but I do have a running list of ideas to do with my husband on my better days to break up our routine some and get me out of the house more. We went and played putt putt Friday and acted like teenagers playing games in the attached arcade area. It was lots of fun.

  4. How exciting! I want to start a series on my blog about traveling with illness. I think it would really inspire people with chronic pain to go ahead and travel when they read that yes, you might not feel well on your outing, but it can still be “AWESOME!”

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