Gratitude In My World

28/7/2012 – Today I found journals,from 2009 & 2010. I am extremely grateful for the progress that I have unconsciously made in sorting through my friendships and the fact that I have now surrounded my life with people who value, appreciate and work towards living a life surrounded by positivity and a sincere joy for living.


1/8/2012 – Today I find myself taking in my immediate surroundings and feeling full of gratitude. After resting indoors for a week, it felt amazing to be stepping out into the sunshine and experiencing the brisk winter air on my face. I love the outdoors!


5/8/2012 – I find myself extremely grateful this past weekend to be living in such beautiful surroundings. I am living close enough to the city to enjoy the buzz of the social life, night & day, but also close enough to Sydney Harbour to be able to walk to the waters edge, which always leaves me with a sense of calmness.


16/8/12 – Today I find myself grateful to be alive. After a recent battle with my oven I came off worse for wear after being electrocuted. Two weeks later and my energy is now returning but have my rest still in a splint after damaging tendons from the fall. Yes I a, grateful to be present and enjoying another beautiful sunny and glorious winters day. I am thankful for my family and caring friends.

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