My All Time Favourite & Inspirational Music….

From an extremely young age I have found music from all genres to provide and provoke a variety of emotions. When once asked the well know question “What would be the ome thing you could not live without if you found yourself on a deserted island?” I have never needed time to answer this question,, my definitive answer would be music!!! Therefore it only seems right to begin adding my all time favorites, as I hope that one day, my blog will serve as my journey through life! Indicative in its entirety 🙂

Health & Happiness

Angels by Robbie Williams

In The Arms Of An Angel by Sarah McMurdoch

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houstin

Hallelujah by child singer – Rhema Marvanne

You Are So Beautiful To Me by Joe Cocker (This song captures the very essence of what my daughter has meant to me from the day she came into this world)

More To Come – Stay tuned!



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