2 thoughts on “Brilliant Pain Blogs…

  1. Hi there,
    New to your blog but have had chronic sciatic pain & low back pain for almost 10yrs now going back to about 26. I have lived w/ the depression, anxiety, fear, and isolation that so often comes w/ chronic pain. I still struggle w/ all of these conditions but have found some support and understanding through a blog that I think many others could benefit from. The blog is (noonegivesyouflowersforchronicpain) if your having difficulty with this word jumble it’s “no one gets flowers for chronic pain” as one word. The woman who hosts this site had a brain injury at 15yrs old and has lived w/ chronic pain & for the last 10yrs has been managing pain without medications and is now 32. It’s a very unique perspective & she is not at all judgmental about those, including myself, that chose to use meds to help manage their pain. She has been through a very tough journey of seeking cures & healing through many outlets from a-z & finally through help from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has found peace and acceptance of her chronic pain & is managing it naturally. She has a true case of “it’s all in your head”, literally, that many of us that suffer from chronic pain can relate to all to well. She has been extremely helpful & kind to me and can be uniquely helpful to teens but also to anyone looking for help & support in their chronic pain journey regardless if u chose to manage naturally or not. I plan on visiting your site more as I’m desperately in need of as much support, understanding, and coping skills as I can find. I’m very much still struggling to find some balance in this torturous lonely place of living w/ chronic pain. Thank you. Sincerely, Sam

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