New Years Resolutions 2012

I am hoping that by recording my New Years Resolutions that they will serve as a reminder to complete my goals that I set out today as I approach and travel through this exciting New Year…                                                          

* Plan to incorporate daily exercise into my schedule – walking for 30 mins/ stretching/ clinical Pilates or yoga

* Take my puppy Dakoda to Puppy Training School on a regular basis (Even though it is scheduled for Sunday mornings)

* Incorporate meditation on a consistent basis into my day.

* Continue my group Tibetan Healing course through to the end of the year.

* Work on my Bucket List, living fully in the present and making the most of life.

* Plan a holiday before the end of the year.

* Devise a financial plan for my future now that I am unable to work due to illness

* Work on building stronger relationships with my family & loved ones.

* De-clutter my apartment for a simpler life.

* Accept my illness and all that it therefore entails.

* Take a road trip to an unknown place.

* Continue writing, I had forgotten how much joy it brings me 😉

* Join an exercise group e.g. Aquarobics

2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions 2012”

  1. Hi Janet,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, it is really lovely to hear from you. There have been quite a few tears at this end and at this stage, teaching is not an option. I know that both you and Carmel will understand the emotions that would follow upon losing my ability to teach or study. Am taking each day as it comes.
    I look forward to keeping in touch.
    Health & Happiness

  2. Hi Narelle (brave, brave lady!), your story is amazing. I know you don’t want pity, but it alsot brought me to tears, knowing you as I do. I accessed your blog via Carmel, but would love to be a follower. I hope this year sees you able to achieve some of your goals and that you are able to do some work, as I know how much that means to you. Love Janet

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