Pain Poetry

Pudendal Neuralgia Is….

My Pain is like a ball, sometimes round, and sometimes small,
On a good day you can laugh and smile,
You can dance and you can sing,
You can dine with friends, if only for a short while.
But when the Pain Monster arrives it’s all together another thing.

Sometimes the pain creeps up slowly,
Little warning does it give,
For the fury that is on it’s way,
A burden thrust upon me,
requiring so much strength just to live.

The pain is now not small,
Nor is it like a round small ball,
The pain is as hot as the colour red,
And spreads spasmodically
with each and every breath,
And “No” I tell my Doctor, “this pain is not just a figment of my imagination
Nor something that I have Manifested or created”,
like a story in my head.

My pain is in my pelvis, affecting all that lies within,
I brace for the electric shocks, the muscles spasms, and
the excruciating pain when
I feel like I am being stabbed
Repeatedly with a sharp, and red hot pin.

My pain does not allow me the privilege of sitting,
Nor working, nor socializing at length
Because at it’s worst, it drains me of my composure
And of every last morsel of my strength.

But my dearest Pain Monster there is something you should know,
I am strong, I am determined and through these tears you will see me fight.
I am young, I am proud and I will once again shine
Because my dearest Pain Monster,
I will not and I shall not,
Allow you to dim my light!

(3rd January 2012 following hospital visit for pain management)

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